Peter McNeil, PI – the radio show found!

It had long been believed that all recordings and traces of the once popular radio show “Peter McNeil, PI” were gone. In the late 50s a fire destroyed Embefive Studios, the home to original master recordings of the show. Last year an amazing discovery was made. Our great uncle, Rex Masterson, the original voice of Peter McNeil passed away and in the course of going through his things looking for valuables, we discovered a box full of tapes. On these tapes were copies of the original “Peter McNeil, PI” recordings. We also uncovered behind the scenes film features, photos, outtakes, scripts and even some old merchandise. It was a truly amazing discovery.

Over the past several months we have been working diligently to restore the recordings. It has been a difficult and thankless job but we have now completed the first episode! In the coming weeks we will begin publishing (re-publishing that is) the “Peter McNeil, PI” radio show, right here!

Stay Tuned!

Author: jeff

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