Aaron Bell

Head Writer

Voices: Peter McNeil, PI

Aaron Bell
Aaron Bell



Aaron Bell is an American, award winning professional writer and poet.

Along with his brother, J. Allen, Aaron created the popular radio show/podcast Peter McNeil, PI in 2009. Not only does Aaron server as the head writer and producer for the show, he also voices the lead character, Peter McNeil, PI.

In addition to Peter McNeil, PI, Aaron and J. Allen (collectively called The Brothers Bell) created the award winning satirical website The Scoop News in 1999. Aaron remains involved with The Scoop as Co-Editor-In-Chief and head news writer. The Brothers Bell are prolific in their output with credits including a wide range of media such as cartoons (Captain Baffo and The Dating Misadventures of Bubba), comic books (solicited work for The Tick and original creation Agent Perry), short comedy films (WTF, Cheechoo Train and Brothers Bell Productions) and live sketch comedy (Brass Bells Society).

Born in Colorado, Aaron now resides in Northern Arizona.