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Peter McNeil is hired to find a little girls missing doll.

Episode 3: Credits

Voices: Carl Case AnnouncerBillyTanner Aaron Bell Peter McNeil Rosario Chambers Susie Cody Bliss Billy’s fatherBartender Anthony Contreras Whimple the Clown Nancy Barnes  Gypsy Written by: Aaron Bell, J. Allen Bell Directed by: J. Allen Bell Produced by: The Brothers Bell Recorded at Embefive Studios

Episode 3: Goodbye Dolly!, Part 2

Peter McNeil has been hired to find a little girl’s doll but it turns out this case is anything but child’s play. After busting up a birthday party McNeil is now face to face with a crazed clown brandishing a blade. Blood has already been drawn but McNeil isn’t going to go down without a …

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Episode 3: Goodbye Dolly!

Someone has stolen a little girl’s dolly and there is only one man in town that can help her get it back – Peter McNeil, Private Eye. Things get ugly quick as a birthday party turns deadly and McNeil comes face to face with the menacing Whimple the Clown. Will McNeil be able to find …

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