Episode 7: Silent Night, Sexy Night, Part 1

Episode 7:  Silent Night, Sexy Night, Part 1
Episode 7: Silent Night, Sexy Night, Part 1

It’s a very special Christmas Episode of Peter McNeil, PI!

Peter McNeil is hired by a young girl to stop her parents from getting a divorce. It seems that the girl saw her mom kissing Santa Claus. Since no one else will believe her, McNeil is the girl’s only hope for keeping her family together.

Will McNeil be able to convince Kinky St. Nick to stop snookering the girls mother? Will McNeil survive a confrontation with a consortium of Santas intent on revenge? Listen to part 1 of Silent Night, Sexy Night to find out!

Episode 7: Silent Night, Sexy Night, Part 1

Casting Call – episode 6

Casting Announcement:

Peter McNeil, PI: Episode 6
“Cheater? I Hardly Know Her!”

Tom is an ordinary business man who thinks that his wife, the love of his life, may be cheating on him. Tom hires McNeil to find out, once and for all, if his wife is cheating. Tom is frustrated and depressed by the situation and just wants closure.

Store Clerk:
For this case, McNeil needs to buy a new camera from Store Clerk. Store Clerk is helpful and smart but also unwilling to put up with McNeil’s nonsense. Store Clerk is in a position of power, and knows it, as McNeil needs his help in order to buy a new camera.

A young boy gets upset when he finds McNeil squatting in the kid’s favorite peeping tom spot. Kid is curious and relatively naive but doesn’t hesitate when McNeil offers him some booze. Kid eventually gets drunk and when he does, he get’s a little more snappy.

A grizzled police office shows up and finds McNeil and Kid sitting in a tree taking pictures of women. Policeman becomes increasingly frustrated as a drunk McNeil and an even more drunk Kid refuse to listen and obey. The frustration eventually leads to the Policeman firing his gun at McNeil. Although annoyed, Policeman does eventually calm down after McNeil promises to hand over copies of the pictures he’s taking.

Woman in Bar:
McNeil, believing her to be the wife of Tom, approaches Woman in Bar hoping to trick her in to sleeping with her; thereby proving her to be unfaithful. While she is not Tom’s wife, she is a hooker. While McNeil attempts to pick her up, Woman in Bar flirts back dropping hint after hint about her profession.

If interested, please respond to this post or email the site administrator.

Casting Notice for Live Action Peter McNeil Short Film

It’s true! We are going to be filming a live action, short film version of Peter McNeil, PI!

The short film will be a brand new story and will be shot in black and white while relying heavily on special effects and illustrations (meaning a lot of green-screen work). We are casting all roles except Peter McNeil. If you are interested (and you are interested), please see the casting notice below.


Eleanor’s husband has been murdered. She is frustrated with the local police force’s efforts to find the killer and she is now turning to Peter McNeil for help. Eleanor is a smart but unsophisticated woman from the poor side of town. After McNeil solves her case Eleanor finds herself attracted to McNeil and maybe a little desperate for some affection.

The bartender works for McSwiggs bar. The bar itself is a heaven for the dredges of society. The bartender spends most of his day serving drinks to and listening to the worst of what the town has to offer. His clientele are simply not good people and as a result, the Bartenders patience is extremely limited. The Bartender is also, for unknown reasons, skeptical of police and doesn’t want to bring any legal-type attention whatsoever to his bar. The Bartender is a rough and surly man.

Killer Klein:
Killer Klein is a creepy, disgusting murder. Every once of his being screams “disturbed.” Killer Klein does not shy away or even try to hide his dark side. In fact, he wears his evil as a badge of pride. Killer Klein sits in the shadows and waits for his moment to strike. He is an unattractive, sleazy, rodent like man.

Peter hired McNeil to solve a case. Unwilling to pay McNeil in full, Peter now has to pay McNeil back whenever and however he can – which usually means being put in harms way. Peter is an unwilling participant to McNeil’s plans but ultimately succumbs to McNeil out of guilt. By all accounts, Peter is a normal, well adjusted and honest man – a god fearing man that just wants to do right by himself and his friends. Peter represents “the average Joe.”

McSwiggs bar is full of the downtrodden and the worst of what the town has to offer. Both men and women are needed for background and extras work.

If you are interested in auditioning for a part, please email casting@embefive.com with the following:
Your name
Your contact info (email, phone, facebook)
Your experience, if any
Your preferred part

Please note that all filming will be done in Flagstaff, AZ in the month of February. If you can not be available, in Flagstaff, in February, please do not respond.

Peter McNeil, PI – the radio show found!

It had long been believed that all recordings and traces of the once popular radio show “Peter McNeil, PI” were gone. In the late 50s a fire destroyed Embefive Studios, the home to original master recordings of the show. Last year an amazing discovery was made. Our great uncle, Rex Masterson, the original voice of Peter McNeil passed away and in the course of going through his things looking for valuables, we discovered a box full of tapes. On these tapes were copies of the original “Peter McNeil, PI” recordings. We also uncovered behind the scenes film features, photos, outtakes, scripts and even some old merchandise. It was a truly amazing discovery.

Over the past several months we have been working diligently to restore the recordings. It has been a difficult and thankless job but we have now completed the first episode! In the coming weeks we will begin publishing (re-publishing that is) the “Peter McNeil, PI” radio show, right here!

Stay Tuned!